Agricultural Pumping

Agricultural Water Pumping with Solar Power Systems

Agricultural solar water systems are now more affordable and efficient than ever before!  Are you still pumping your agro water with a generator?  New solar electric water pumping technology is available now, and our sun-powered systems will save you money.  Solar water pumping can provide you with irrigation water during daylight hours when you need it the most.  Keep your livestock and produce supplied with fresh water using agricultural solar water pumping from Sun Pacific Solar Systems.


Some Benefits of a Solar Powered Water Pumping Station:

  • No generator needed.
  • Save or eliminate fuel and maintenance costs.
  • No inverters or batteries required.
  • Increased pump reliability.
  • Your pump runs when the sun shines!
  • No grid interconnection required.
  • Runs your existing three-phase 240 volt or 480 volt pump up to 100HP.
  • Submersible or surface pumping.
  • Variable frequency drive soft starts the motor, automatically adjusts to available light conditions.
  • These systems also qualify for 30% federal tax credits!


Three pump, all solar-driven with generator backup to feed two cattle-watering tanks.
3HP surface pump moving 4 GPM over 800 feet of vertical lift with manual transfer over to diesel generator.
3ph 230v 7.5hp
Three-phase 230 volt 7.5HP submersible pump controls with automatic transfer to single phase 12kW backup diesel generator. 30 GPM @ 700 feet of vertical lift with 9.6kW solar array. This pumps 9,000 gallons of water per day during winter and 14,000 gallons per day in the summer from solar power systems alone!
Solar panels in remote agricultural power setting will provide shade as well as rain protection for your animals and your solar-powered water pump!

 Also Available from Sun Pacific Solar:

  • Generator backup.
  • Grid backup.
  • Remote wireless level control.
  • Automatic transfer to backup system.
  • Solar powered corrosion and scale control.