Off-Grid Solar

Power in remote locations. Year-round energy. Dependability in rural areas.

Some of the most beautiful places in this world are in areas of low to zero traffic, and these are places that may not be quick or easy to access.  If these are the places that you love to be, you might consider the resourcefulness of an off-grid solar system.  We want to help you be able to live comfortably off the grid while taking advantage of our planet’s greatest natural resource.  Why fuss that the energy companies aren’t where you want to be?  Off-grid solar electrical systems deliver power to where you need it.


Our photovoltaic systems are composed of solar panels, inverter, charge controller and a bank of batteries for storing the energy produced with the sun.  We work with our customers to find a power solution that fits their needs while utilizing simple design criteria.  Our solar systems can be designed to be fully automated or work with a manual interface.  Our systems are being used to operate critical systems such as radio communications for Search and Rescue organizations and even County and Federal emergency services.


We install solar panels on all types of roofs.  Panels can also be installed on ground mounts and we can also incorporate into new structures.  Our SunPower solar panels are attractive and long-lasting, and they are the most efficient panels in the world.  You can count on them to work in every far-flung location you live and work, because every component selected is only of the best quality available, from the bolts and steel, to the inverters and solar panels.


Our team is built on years of electrical experience.  We have complete understanding of the solar electrical systems we design and install.  Our workmanship is performed with pride and dedication, and is also fully backed by our service warranty.  We care about helping to move people into a sustainable future, and off-grid systems are the pinnacle of energy independence.  Let us help you achieve your off-grid goals today.