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Sun Pacific Solar Electric, Inc. provides solar electric power solutions for residential, commercial, and agricultural customers who want to control their electric rates while helping the environment by lowering their carbon footprint. At Sun Pacific Solar Electric, Inc. we are committed to helping our community to become proactive in combating global climate change, by offering a proven power generating alternative that is a truly renewable and non-polluting energy source.

Solar Energy Is the Solution You’re Looking For

There are many reasons to harness the sun to power your home or business and all of them beneficial to you and the environment.

  • The Incredible Shrinking Energy Bill

    The sun is generous and free! Utilizing that energy allows you to drastically reduce or eliminate your energy bill.

  • Increase Your Property Value

    Studies have shown that in Green-minded communities solar panel installations increase the property value by 3% – 3.5%.

  • Stabilize Rising Energy Costs

    Energy costs go up an average of 3% annually. You can quietly watch from the sidelines as your energy cost remain as constant as the sun.

Grid-Tied Solar

Low maintenance systems keep you free of worry.

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Agricultural Pumping

New solar electric water pumping technology is available now.

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Off-Grid Solar

Power in remote locations. Year-round energy. Dependability in rural areas.

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Grid-tied Solar with Battery Backup

Glide through power outages stress free. Ensure your essential appliances retain power in emergencies.

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Maintenance & Repairs

We also perform services on existing systems. We can come do a site visit to inspect your existing system and give you an idea of how it is performing, and correct any issues that you may be experiencing.

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Not a Sun Pacific system? No worries.

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We proudly provide SunPower Solar Panels!

I really liked working with this company. The sales end was clear, understandable and easy. The installation crew was just wonderful. They took care of everything and did a high quality job for us. The crew was always respectful of our property and a pleasure to be around. And now that the solar is operational and online with Edison. Wow! We are now part of the 21st century.

Lisa Guravitz & Fred Shaw

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