About Us

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Jay and Cecilia Johnson on one of their early installations in 2005 before founding Sun Pacific Solar and becoming solar contractors in Santa Barbara.
Jay and Cecilia Johnson on one of their early installations in 2005 before founding Sun Pacific Solar Electric.

Sun Pacific Solar Electric, Inc is a family-owned Santa Barbara solar energy contractor, specializing in solar design, installation and maintenance. We design and install high quality residential, commercial and agricultural photovoltaic systems, taking into account your energy needs, solar access, architecture, building codes and guidelines. We take care of all permitting and interconnection paperwork, and all of the electrical work required to install your system is done in house by our licensed and trained electricians. All of our employees are local and take great pride in their work.

“Sun Pacific and its employees have done a great job with a high degree of workmanship. You have been great to work with and have been honest and forthright. Thank you for doing a great job with great workmen. I am super impressed!” – Edward R. (retired general contractor)

Since our founding in 2007, Sun Pacific Solar has installed over 2,000kW (2MW) of solar energy systems in Santa Barbara and the Tri-County region. We build the best solar energy systems in the area and have received a number of awards recognizing the quality of our designs. We build each array with sustainability, integrity and honesty in mind and are the go-to solar contractors and industry experts in Santa Barbara county for inspection, repair, service and upgrades.

We also love to educate and equip our community to make informed choices regarding energy efficiency and production. Check out our blog, FAQ’s, resources guide and energy saving tips where you can find lots of helpful information. You can also sign up for our newsletter where we serve up monthly insider scoops or follow the news section on our website to stay on top of global solar and energy bulletins.

We practice sustainable business through our utilization of local vendors and subcontractors, promoting community wide support. We operate our business with as little environmental impact as we can. Our office is one of Santa Barbara’s first green office buildings, constructed in 2002 by Campanelli Construction Company (a leading green builder), and is constructed mostly of recycled building materials. It includes a solar array that offsets the majority of our energy consumption, and we also have a solar thermal water system.

We are certified by the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC) and are members of the following organizations: Santa Barbara Contractors Association (SBCA), Green Building Alliance, American Solar Energy Society, California Solar And Storage Association (CALSSA), and the Santa Barbara County Farm Bureau. We support The Fund for Santa Barbara, The Environmental Defense Center, the Community Environmental Council (CEC), the American Institute of Architects, the World Business AcademyUnite to Light, African Women Rising, and Planned Parenthood. You can also check out a full list of our collaborators and distributors here.

Areas of Expertise

Commercial & Residential Solar

One of Sun Pacific Solar Electric's tile roof solar installations in Santa Barbara, California.
One of Sun Pacific Solar Electric’s tile roof solar installations in Santa Barbara, California.


Grid-tied arrays are our most common type of solar installations in Santa Barbara and the Tri County area. We can build these on any type of roof, as a ground mount or incorporated into an architectural feature. You can find the specifics below, as well as other services we provide to gird-tied properties.

Roof Mounts

  •  Tile roofs
  •  Metal roofs
  •  Flat roofs
  •  Comp-shingle roofs

Ground Mounts

  •  Top-of-pole mounts
  •  Fixed-tilt ground mount

Architectural Solar Solutions

  •  Carports
  •  Pergolas
  •  Verandas
  •  Covered walkways



Sun Pacific Solar is also once of the few solar contractors in Santa Barbara experienced in installing off-grid solar systems. While many of these installations are for remote living, we are often asked to design systems for various entities that need reliable power for lighthouses, fire lookouts or emergency communication capabilities. We design systems for any application including any of the following:

  •  Stand alone power systems
  •  AC or DC depending on equipment needs
  •  Remote water pumping

Battery & Generator Backup:

Solar installations with an energy storage solution are becoming more and more popular as the Santa Barbara region experiences fires, power outages and natural disasters. Investing in a backup power solution gives you peace of mind and makes you the owner of your own power company! An emergency backup solution can accommodate any of the following, depending on your needs and lifestyle:

  •  Whole house battery and/or generator backup
  •  Critical load or emergency backup
  •  Automatic or manual transfer


We get many question on this topic and have written extensively about it. Below is a quick guide to information you may find useful:

Agricultural Solar

One of Sun Pacific Solar Electric's agricultural solar installations near Santa Barbara.
One of Sun Pacific Solar Electric’s agricultural solar installations near Santa Barbara.

Sun Pacific Solar is the go-to solar contractor in Santa Barbara and Tri County area installing agricultural solar systems to facilitate any of the following:

  •  Irrigation
  •  Off-grid or grid-tied water pumping
  •  Pressure pumping
  •  Remote wireless level control
  •  Solar powered corrosion and scale control


To know more about the advantages of solar for agricultural use, follow the link.

Solar for Recreational Vehicles

A solar panel installation on a recreational boat in Santa Barbara.   A solar panel installation on a recreational boat in Santa Barbara.

We are also happy to install solar on recreational vehicles such as:

  •  Trailers
  •  RVs
  •  Boats

Other Services

Sun Pacific Solar also performs services for existing solar systems in Santa Barbara and the Tri County area, even those we did not originally install. We can do a site visit to inspect your existing system and give you an idea of how it is performing, and correct any issues your system may be experiencing.  We have a great deal of experience with many different panels, inverters, and electrical components and we can give you an honest and thorough appraisal of how your system is functioning, whether or not we did the original installation.  You can feel confident that we will give the care and attention to detail that your solar electrical system deserves. Contact us today to get your system working seamlessly again, or for the first time!