Women in the Solar Industry

Sun Pacific Solar CEO Cecilia Villaseñor Johnson addressing the crowd at the Pacific Coast Business Times Latino Business Awards ceremony (left), and with Patricia Bragg (right) of Bragg Farms, a nationally successful woman owned business that is locally based, where SPSE installed solar.
  At the March 2019 SunPower conference, we were pleased to attend the second annual Women in Solar Breakfast where guest speakers Nam Nguyen (Executive VP and general manager of SunPower’s commercial solar division) and Jeanine Cotter (President & CEO of Luminalt) discussed the challenges of being a woman in the solar industry. The discussion …
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Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution

HBO documentary Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution poster
We recently re-watched the 2017 HBO documentary Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution and thought we would share it. Though it’s a few years old, it still has a lot of pertinent information about the solar industry, specifically how it relates to utility companies. James Redford travels around the country exploring solar innovations and politics across …
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The 6 Best Battery Storage Manufacturers

A residential battery backup system for critical loads only.
So you’re considering investing in a battery backup system. The first thing you need to decide is how you want to use them. Will your batteries kick in for emergencies only, or will you use them daily to off-set peak usage charges? Do you want to back up your entire home/business or only critical loads …
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Our Top 2 Generator Recommendations

Generator installation for home backup
When considering what kind of generator to invest in, factors such as capacity, price, and efficiency come into play. But have you taken into account the type of fuel it requires (as well as its availability and how much it consumes), maintenance needs, noise output, and warranty? These may not be the first things that …
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Have you thought about driving on sunshine?

A happy customer with her new Electric Vehicle.
Fall is the time of year car manufacturers release new models, including Electric Vehicle models. Have you thought about driving on sunshine? Adding an Electric Vehicle charger to your solar home should be done by a licensed electrician and requires a little planning. One of the first things Sun Pacific Solar Electric needs to evaluate …
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The 5 Best Solar Inverters On The Market

There are a myriad of solar inverter manufacturers and we have learned from experience which are reliable and durable. There are different inverters that are best suited for different applications i.e. smaller/larger installations, off-grid/micro-grid systems, simple vs complex roof angles, space availability, sun exposure/shading issues, electrical service panel space availability. In addition to these factors, …
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The 5 Best Solar Panels: What you need to know

All solar panels are not made equally. Whether you want to find a balance between price and efficiency or you want the best of the best, the information below will help you decide what the best solar panels are for your project. We can purchase and install any type of solar panel but we’re particular …
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Interview: Ceci and Wesly Weigh in on the 2020 Mandate for Solar on New Residential Constructions

Cecilia and Wesly Johnson in the Sun Pacific Solar Electric booth at the Santa Barbara Earth Day celebration.
Ted Adams and Mike Williams from AM1290 interviewed Cecilia Villasenor Johnson (Sun Pacific Solar President) and Wesly Johnson (Sales) about the mandate to have solar on new residential constructions as of 2020, as well as battery backup, off-grid systems and clarified some of the misconceptions of solar. …
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