Smart Solar Storage Homes are Here!

A Sonnen EcoLinx solar storage home with fully integrated energy management system. The future is here, smart homes have arrived and now these systems can help customize your renewable energy experience. While most of us are likely familiar with the capabilities of managing your smart home’s AC, blinds, lights, alarm, etc. from afar, new technology now …
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The SkyBox: a solar battery game changer

Earlier this year, OutBack Power launched the SkyBox, a game changer for the solar industry. The SkyBox has many unique features and most in the solar industry can agree it’s one of the most exciting technology developments in some time. Here’s why. SkyBox Features First, the SkyBox is both an inverter and a charge controller, making it the …
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The 6 Best Battery Storage Manufacturers

So you’re considering investing in a battery backup system. The first thing you need to decide is how you want to use them. Will your batteries kick in for emergencies only, or will you use them daily to off-set peak usage charges? Do you want to back up your entire home/business or only critical loads …
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Our Top 2 Generator Recommendations

When considering what kind of generator to invest in, factors such as capacity, price, and efficiency come into play. But have you taken into account the type of fuel it requires (as well as its availability and how much it consumes), maintenance needs, noise output, and warranty?

These may not be the first things that come …
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The 5 Best Solar Inverters On The Market

Some of the SMA SunnyBoy inverters for a 101.43kW system in Summerland, California.

There are a myriad of solar inverter manufacturers and we have learned from experience which are reliable and durable.

There are different inverters that are best suited for different applications i.e. smaller/larger installations, off-grid/micro-grid systems, simple vs complex roof angles, space availability, sun exposure/shading …
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The 5 Best Solar Panels: What you need to know

Sun Pacific Solar installation at the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens using Lumos panels as an architectural enhancement.

All solar panels are not made equally.

Whether you want to find a balance between price and efficiency or you want the best of the best, the information below will help you decide what the best solar panels are for …
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