100% Renewable Islands Paving the Way Forward

Photo courtesy of the International Renewable Energy Agency. While most countries still have some work to do to become 100% green energy reliant, some islands around the world have taken the leap and achieved this goal. From Iceland to Turkey, and Portugal to the South Pacific, these “green” islands dot the globe. Many have reached their …
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Solar Trackers vs. Traditional Solar

  A dual axis solar tracker system. Image courtesy of Aurora Energy. With advances in solar technology, “solar tracker” has become a buzz word in the industry and we’ve been getting questions about the feasibility of these systems. We thought we’d address the subject at length below. Pros & Cons of Solar Tracking To date, most solar tracking installations …
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Have you thought about driving on sunshine?

A happy customer with her new solar powered Electric Vehicle.

Fall is the time of year car manufacturers release new models, including Electric Vehicle models. Have you thought about driving on sunshine?

Adding an Electric Vehicle charger to your solar home should be done by a licensed electrician and requires a little planning. One of the first …
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Interview: Ceci and Wesly Weigh in on the 2020 Mandate for Solar on New Residential Constructions

Cecilia and Wesly Johnson at their booth for Santa Barbara Earth Day celebration.

Ted Adams and Mike Williams from AM1290 interviewed Cecilia Villasenor Johnson (Sun Pacific Solar President) and Wesly Johnson (Sales) about the mandate to have solar on new residential constructions as of 2020, as well as battery backup, off-grid systems and clarified some of …
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