• How long will my system last?

    Sun Pacific Solar Electric installs only equipment of the highest caliber available. The majority of our installations are SunPower systems – an industry leader and world record holder for efficiency. SunPower is the manufacturer of the most efficient solar panels in the world. SunPower panels have the longest warranty at 25 years and are expected to be performing at a high rate of efficiency for at least 30 years.

  • How do I get the permits I need?

    As a licensed contractor, Sun Pacific Solar Electric adheres to all local and national codes and we take care of all the required electrical and building permits (including interconnection paperwork with your local energy provider). We provide turn-key solar systems and oversee all installations from start to finish

  • Do I need a new roof?

    A roof should be in good shape with at least 20 years of life left. Your no cost Sun Pacific Solar Electric site evaluation includes a roofing assessment

  • Is there a certain direction that my roof or property must face?

    South or southwest-facing alignment of a solar PV array is ideal. Not all homes, businesess, or property roofs are situated for maximum production, however our no cost site evaluation will clearly analyze and assess your solar potential. Sun Pacific Solar Electric will determine if a ground or roof-mounted system works best for you, and what angle and configuration will maximize your solar productivity.

  • Is there financing available?

    Sun Pacific Solar Electric can help you determine if a solar lease or loan provided by SunPower is a good fit for you as opposed to one from your financial lender. Depending on your situation, the competitive pricing offered by SunPower may be the better option for you.

    Below is more information about the options SunPower provides:

    Solar Leases
    With a solar lease you are renting your solar energy system. For qualifying customers, solar leases usually cost no money upfront, so you may begin to see savings immediately. The leases run for 20 years and when it ends, you can choose to renew it for an additional term, purchase the system, or have the panels removed.

    Monthly lease payments are typically fixed. Some leases, however, include an annual price escalator, which increases your monthly payments each year by a certain percentage. To help ensure customers have a good value proposition, many leases also include a performance guarantee, which compensates the homeowner should the system fail to produce within a certain pre-specified range of electricity every month.

    Solar Loans
    A solar loan allows you to borrow money to buy your solar system outright.

    Many solar loans are unsecuritized so you don’t need equity to get one and you don’t need to pledge your home as collateral, but you do need a fairly healthy credit score. There are often $0-down options (to qualifying customers), with flexible repayment terms of 5-25 years and relatively low interest rates. So depending on the duration of the loan, customers may be able to save money immediately.

    In addition to solar-specific loans, it’s also possible to pay for solar through traditional bank products such as home improvement loans, HELOCs, mortgages, refinancing, etc. However, these may require more effort depending on the familiarity of your bank with solar and often require more significant collateral and liens.

    For more information on SunPower leases and loans click here.

  • Do I need batteries for my Sun Pacific Solar Electric system?

    Most customers choose to have their solar electrical system tied into the electric utility grid, enabling them to use it as their back up. With this configuration you will have a Net Energy Metering (NEM) agreement provided by your local energy provider. NEM is like having an electrical banking account. A debit or excess is carried over from one month to another with a year’s production and usage balanced out at the end of the year.

    For those customers who want the added peace of mind of electricity to use in case of a power outage or grid failure, a battery back up system is the best solution. Sun Pacific Solar Electric will integrate battery back up into your solar PV system or provide you with complete independence from the grid with a battery storage system that powers your property independently of the energy companies.

  • What type of rebates and tax incentives are available?

    The federal solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is 30% of the system’s net cost for both residential and commercial properties. Qualifying solar energy equipment is also eligible for a cost recovery period of five years according to the Internal Revenue Code.

    The California Solar Initiative (CSI) has implemented a tiered rebate program (The rebate program is now closed to PG&E and Southern California Edison customers, however the City of Lompoc rebates are still available for purchased systems only, not leased). The CSI rebate process is facilitated by the Sun Pacific Solar Electric staff. Our customers do not need short-term financing to cover the rebate as we discount the rebate amount from your total payment.

  • What are the advantages of a Solar PV system installed by Sun Pacific Solar Electric?

    You will get a custom built solar electrical system that is designed and installed by a team of solar professionals who have been working together for nearly a decade. Sun Pacific Solar Electric uses cutting edge technology and the highest quality materials while tailoring each installation to achieve the greatest potential in functionality and aesthetics of every project site.

    Solar PV installations also make great financial sense in that they increase property values, are exempt from property taxes and can be very attractive financially after federal income taxes are filed. Business depreciation tax incentives also make Solar PV a smart investment.

    Sun Pacific Solar Electric will help you gain energy independence while harnessing California’s greatest natural resource.

  • How does solar photovoltaic (PV) work?

    Individual modules are combined into a solar array, which converts the sun’s energy to direct current (DC) electricity. This DC electricity is channeled from the PV array to an inverter that converts the DC current to AC power. The AC electricity is used by the home or business and any excess power is fed back into the utility grid.

  • How do I decide what size system I need?

    A Sun Pacific Solar Electric representative will evaluate your needs and solar potential with a free evaluation of your property. Every system is custom-tailored to the site visit data compiled by our design team.