Financial Incentives

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Solar Energy Installation Incentives

California is blessed with an abundance of solar energy potential that is only just beginning to be utilized.  The California Solar Initiative offered cash incentives for installing residential and commercial solar electric systems.  Although those funds have run dry in most areas, the 30% federal tax credit remains, and so does the potential for unlimited savings on your energy bill once you start taking advantage of our state’s most popular and prolific source of energy.

Rebate Programs for Existing Homes in PG&E and SCE are Now Closed.

There are still incentives available for new homes that Title 24 Energy Efficiency measures.  Applications are handled by the homeowner via an independent verifier after the installation is completed.

Energy UpGrade emPower

emPower was initially developed by the County of Santa Barbara to help homeowners countywide overcome obstacles to making energy saving improvements to their homes.  Click here to find out more about this program for their convenient, low-cost unsecured loans.

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