Victor Ray Foster

“My electric bill as of 8/1 is $20.45 so far this year due to most electricity we use is being produced by my solar array. I paid $3,303 for electricity in 2014, then in 2015 went solar. Electricity in 2014 cost about 25¢/kWh at peak pricing. It now is as high as 43.7¢/kWh at peak and going higher due to new rate increases. The rate increases implies my electric bill would be about $6000 now! Clearly for me, solar was the obvious answer as most of our electrical use is between 1-7PM. The cost of solar panels and hardware was about $22,000 after rebates so it isn’t inexpensive.

Thanks to Sun Pacific out of Santa Barbara they were able to get the solar system up and running expeditiously. I wouldn’t have been able to get through all the red tape the county and utility tossed in without them! Consider a solar firm to get through the up front incredible amount of red tape. Its a lot!”

Edward R. (retired general contractor)

“Sun Pacific and its employees have done a great job with a high degree of workmanship. You have been great to work with and have been honest and forthright. Thank you for doing a great job with great workmen. I am super impressed!”

Eric S., Inspector

“You guys install the best solar systems that I inspect. Whenever my friends ask me who to hire, I recommend you.”

Tom Totton

“It’s cool to watch our solar panels produce energy in real time!”

Paul K.

“For decades I lived on a remote section of the Hollister Ranch where there were no utilities available except what we created ourselves. Critical to being there was a 480′ deep well which worked great until it ran dry, and we had to drill a new one. This is where Sun Pacific Solar came in. They took the depth of the well, the GPM, our water needs and sized a pump and solar system to meet our requirements. Everything was done neatly and professionally and the system has been working perfectly for five years now. Sun Pacific Solar also installed two large PV systems and one smaller one for houses on the property, all with backup generators. I would highly recommend Sun Pacific Solar as a source of alternative power installation.”

The Pods

Santa Barbara, CA

“The team at Sun Pacific Solar Electric gave us amazing service. I just wish that every other professional or tradesperson in every other field was like these folk. Kind, courteous, fast, knowledgeable – attentive to detail to the max and smart smart smart. Also, we loved being able to work with a company that has been in the solar industry as long as they have and who are local to our town. We could trust they would be around when we needed them. They also knew how to work with our local agencies to have the plans pushed through quickly. Highly recommend them!”

SB Mermaid

“Everything about Sun Pacific was low stress and easy to understand. Everyone was very professional and easy to work with. Blake addressed all of our initial questions, and worked with our roofing contractor to coordinate the installation. The installers were trained electricians so I was confident that they knew what they were doing. There was a small issue with an old electric panel and they were able to obtain the part needed and keep the project moving on time and with no additional cost. If I did have a question, the office returned my call promptly. I‘m also confident about the quality and efficiency of the panels. Sun Pacific installed 7 very efficient panels, while other quotes needed 10 to generate the same amount of electricity. Fewer panels, less maintenance for the future. All in all, very happy!”

Cheryl & Richard

Santa Barbara, CA

“Our son-in-law suggested Sun Pacific Solar, telling us he was very satisfied with their work, their business ethics, and the thoroughness of their planning and implementation. We found his recommendation absolutely on target! We were delighted to meet Jay and Cecilia Johnson. They had good suggestions that were within our budget for what we wanted: battery backup, an inverter with a charge controller, a display panel showing the system status, and the ability to activate our battery backup system quickly in case of a commercial power outage. Within a few days Jay designed a system that met our requirements and price range. Within two weeks, Cecilia called to tell us that all the components had arrived and to schedule an installation. The installers worked on our home for 3 days, and we found them to be very courteous and quiet. We were thoroughly briefed about the equipment and received all necessary documentation and diagrams for our new equipment. Our system is up and running and we are more than happy with every aspect of the job that Sun Pacific Solar has done for us. We have no reservation recommending them to anyone looking for quality work at a good price, done by very nice people.”

Bob L.

“A while back I produced a case study on our system for Solar Santa Barbara. I do not have a formal financial analysis, but when we tell the story, we generally say that we took a bill that could easily run over $200 a month and turned it into more like $200 a year. We have not had one single complaint about the visuals, even in a neighborhood that’s pretty tough on such things. The system embedded in the tile looks more like a skylight than a power system.

Thanks again to Sun Pacific for a no-drama installation and operation.”

P. Wilson

“I researched many different companies before I was willing to spend my money on a solar system. During my research, SunPower Panels were recommended as the best, which led me to Sun Pacific, a Premier SunPower Installer. The reviews & ratings were all top notch, even the rating from BBB, so I contacted them. Blake came to our home when it was convenient for us, explained the system, the options, and made recommendations that were easy to understand. When we’d made our decision, the ordering went smoothly and the install was perfect, with Sun Pacific coordinating with our roofers. The installers are professional, and their work is one of a craftsman. When I compare the appearance of our system with one from a competitor on our neighbor’s house, ours is a much cleaner install, with fewer panels to generate more power! In less than 2 weeks after the install, we are on the grid with SCE. I am extremely pleased with the entire process. I can even check on my home computer or cell phone to see how much power we are generating!! You can do all the research you want, but this is the company you will choose if you want the best for your home!! I highly recommend Sun Pacific!!!”


“Our main incentive to install solar was to reduce our use of fossil fuels. Sun Pacific was recommended to us and Blake came to our home, did an assessment, discussed our options, and developed an estimate. We were pleasantly surprised that the cost would be much lower than we expected, and in fact the system would pay for itself in a little over a decade. Jay inspected our 70+ year old electrical system and found that it would work well with the new solar electric system. The installation crew was very neat – they even placed covers over their shoes when they entered the house to access the attic. Cecilia helped with the paper work – getting the system approved by Southern California Edison and applying for the state rebate. All in all, we are very pleased with the work that Sun Pacific did for us and are enjoying tracking our system’s electricity production on the Internet.”


“I interviewed a couple of solar installation companies that were recommended to me. The initial presentation from this company and their follow up presentation was much more informative than the others. I was very happy with the entire process including the installation. I’m especially happy with the performance of the solar panels. They have reduced my electric bills to almost nothing. Sun Pacific has continued to contact me and check up on the performance of the panels as well as to be sure that I understand the electric company’s billing. I have already recommended them to friends.”