Our Team


Cecilia “Ceci” Villaseñor Johnson

President and CEO. Business Development, Public Relations and Operations.

Jay Johnson

Vice-President. Jay has over 37 years experience in the electrical trade, and carries the C-10 electrical contractors license. He has been designing and installing solar electrical systems since 1996.


Blake Johnson

Blake has a Masters Mechanical Engineer degree from UCSB. His unique approach to selling solar is consultative and educational. He is passionate about renewable energy, and his home was one of our first solar electrical installations. He was so impressed with the experience that he received with our installation, that he asked to join our team. We were inspired by his knowledge and excitement, and welcomed him into our solar family. He has been married for 30+ years to his lovely wife Ruth, with whom he has three wonderful grown children. He loves golf and traveling.

Administrative Assistant

Ashley Olds

Graduated from the Evergreen State College with a Masters in Fantastic Debt. She is inspired by off-grid solar systems and would love to get you Permission To Operate.

Lead Installers

Kyle Ward

Kyle has been with the company since 2009. He has a background as a machinist and fabricator. He is competent in all aspects of the solar installation, and has been enrolled in the Electrical Apprenticeship program at Santa Barbara City College. Kyle has volunteered as a teacher assistant for the Solar Class at SBCC. He is a licensed Journeyman Electrician.   He has also completed SunPower Corporation Advanced Level Installation and Design Training. Kyle is a member of the Santa Barbara Chumash Maritime Association, which paddles across the Santa Barbara Channel in a traditional Tomol annually to Limuw Island (a.k.a. Santa Cruz Island).


Fabian Guerrero

Fabian grew up in the Santa Barbara-Carpinteria area. He worked as a head machinist in a machine shop for many years. He studied Solar Electricity at SBCC, before coming to work at SPSE. Fabian is a second term apprentice electrician and he has also completed SunPower Corporation Advanced Level Installation and Design Training. He is passionate about music, and he is the drummer in a band that plays locally and throughout Southern California. He loves the outdoors and has a strong interest in the natural world.

Wesly Johnson

Has been installing solar electrical system for several years for SPSE, and he is our in-house computer guru. He graduated from SBCC art program. Wesly is a fashion designer at Wesly Designs, a woodworker, photographer and avid sailor.



A rescued miniature Australian Shepherd who captivates everyone with his facial expressions and silly little gallop. Copper’s favorite panels are SunPower brand, and although he has difficulty installing them without thumbs, we have a great crew to help him out.


Another rescued Aussie. Although she has difficulty seeing and hearing, she navigates the world with a blissful vigor that we all find charming and refreshing. Easily the happiest creature on the planet, she’s sure to win you over while she enthusiastically recommends the efficiency and reliability of SunPower solar panels.