Maintenance & Repairs

(Last modified on February 21st, 2020.)

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Sun Pacific Solar Electric solar maintenance and repair services

Sun Pacific Solar Electric is happy to perform maintenance and repair services on existing solar systems. We can come do a site visit to inspect your existing system, give you an idea of how it’s performing and correct any issues that it may be experiencing. If you think you solar system isn’t performing the way it should, give us a call!

We have a great deal of experience with many different types of panels, inverters and electrical components and are comfortable troubleshooting a wide range of solar electrical systems. We are the go-to local solar electrical maintenance and repair service specialists, and have even been hired by lawyers to give solar repair estimates in legal cases! You can trust us to give you an honest and thorough appraisal of how your system is functioning. If any electrical work is required to get your system running optimally, the work will be done in house by our licensed and trained electricians. You can feel confident that we will give the care and attention to detail that your solar electrical system deserves.

“The team at Sun Pacific Solar Electric gave us amazing service. I just wish that every other professional or tradesperson in every other field was like these folk. Kind, courteous, fast, knowledgeable – attentive to detail to the max and smart smart smart. Also, we loved being able to work with a company that has been in the solar industry as long as they have and who are local to our town. We could trust they would be around when we needed them.” – The Pods