SunPower Leases & Loans

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Start Saving from Day One with a SunPower Loan

Are you ready to go solar but don’t yet have the cash? A SunPower Loan enables you to spread the cost of your solar system out over time and still take advantage of the 26% federal tax credit now. By locking-in a low rate with a SunPower Loan you will also protect against rising energy costs, increase the savings on your utility bill and earn a greater return over the life of your system. Additionally, when it’s paid off, you own it completely and will have free electricity for life.

Generally, we believe loans are a better investment option than leases, but you can find the benefits of each listed below.

SunPower Loans Offer

  •  No money down and low monthly payments.
  •  Fix your electricity costs for up to 20 years.
  •  You own the system for life and keep all tax credits.
  •  No pre-payment penalties.

SunPower Lease

  •  Pre Paid – Get the lease at a reduced price.
  •  Option to put some money down and greatly reduce your monthly payments.
  •  Or put no money down, and still lock in your monthly electricity rates.


Reach out to know more about these programs at  (805) 965-9292  or

A solar array installation in Goleta, California paid for with a SunPower loan.
A solar array installation in Goleta, California.