Grid-Tied Solar

Grid-tied solar electricity is the number one choice in systems installed by Sun Pacific Solar.  With a grid-tied solar electrical system you can drastically reduce your monthly energy bill by neutralizing your highest points of electrical use, or you can eliminate it entirely, depending on your personal goals for moving towards energy independence.

  • Sell your excess electricity back to Edison.
  • Low maintenance systems keep you free of worry.
  • Durability combined with beauty compliment your home or office.


How Does a Grid-Tied Solar Power System Work?

Grid-tied solar systems send electricity to a utility grid which then allows you to:

  • Consume solar electricity when it’s available and the grid is on,
  • Use electricity from the grid even when there is no sun,
  • Sell excess solar electricity to the grid (net metering).

Grid-tied systems are the most cost effective way to produce and consume solar electricity.  However these systems do not provide outage protection.  When the utility grid goes down, grid tied solar systems cannot operate.   Adding a battery backup does add to the overall cost of the system, but will provide you with power during any grid outages.

SunPower Installation on tile roof

We install solar panels on all types of roofs.  Panels can also be installed on the ground and we can incorporate them into new structures.  Our SunPower Solar panels are attractive and long lasting. Every component of our solar systems is only of the highest quality available, from the bolts and steel, to the inverters and solar panels.


Our team is built on years of electrical experience.  We have complete understanding of the solar electric systems we design.  Our workmanship is of the highest quality and fully backed by our service warranty.  We care about helping people enter into a confident state of energy independence, and you can count on us to create a beautiful custom solar system that will last.

IMG_2074 SunPower panels